Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Confessions of a Lush Addict...

Hi Folks!

Here's my latest "Scrap Yourself" layout....this photo was taken at the Lush shop in London, UK. I love their products so much that a visit to the Covent Gardens shop was on our vacation itinerary! (they often have products that may not be available in the Canadian shops hehe)
Their bath products are so smelly and wonderful, I love stashing them all over the house so I get a little Lush "whiff "every now and then :)
Thanks for letting me share!


rebekah said...

oh my lord! i'm a lush fool myself.. and i've been to that same store.. first time i tried the seanna hair serum and you know what else they have there is sonic death monkey! LOVE that stuff! can't get it here.. anyway.. lush geek moment :)

tampatha said...

On my first trip to the UK my friend took me here and I instantly fell in love! They have the best stuff.. I absolutely adored the bath gels that you put in the freezer! This layout brings back so many memories..thanks for sharing!
designer for Kiki-Art

Tanya said...

Oh steph!! too cute!! hmm... where is the Sass addict one?