Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SY Challenge 7

Good Morning Readers!

The Topic for this challenge was chosen by Karla

{Hidden Talent}
Whether it be juggling, singing, dancing, knitting...whatever
--some talent that we have that not everybody may know about. It doesn't matter how big or small as long as it's a talent we possess.)


If you complete a layout with this theme please share it with us by leaving a us a comment!

Have a great week


Zoa said...

fun pages!!! love reading about everyone's talents!

Mindy Gibson said...

Wonderful, fun pages!

Anonymous said...

What fun! I'm off tomorrow. I think I'll try to do this one!

Ane Lene said...

Here is my sketch for this weeks challenge:

Smiles from Ane Lene

Kay said...

Wonderful layouts everybody! It was so nice to read these hidden talents and see how they make us each unique!

Tanya said...

cool pages and talents ladies!!