Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Learning something about yourself from others

I love my kids' honesty--most of the time :) No, really, I do. Especially when it helps me realize something that makes me a better mom. On this particular day, I was working on a Suduko puzzle when my DS asked to take a picture of me. He could tell I wasn't really smiling for him--which amazed me. It helped me understand the depth of his knowledge of MY moods and feelings. I realized how much my moods and reactions really affect my kids. He kept snapping pictures until I gave him the real happy smile that he wanted.
Is there something about you that you have learned from others? Has someone said something to you that helped you come to a realization you hadn't had before? Or reminded you of an important aspect of your life? Document it on a layout or write it down in your journal.
Have a great day--and put on that Happy Smile :)


Camila Borssoi said...

Hi Melanie, i really like your topic. My uncle told me that I used to whistle a lot when I was 2-3 years old, I will do a layout about it! Thanks for inspiration.

Debbi Tehrani said...

This is such an interesting idea! Your layout is wonderful, too!

chalesek said...

Melanie, This Lo is fab!! I really appreciate SY! So many different topic and thoughts. It really make you think and reflect. Thanks for Sharing

Alia said...

As cute as can be, Melanie!!