Saturday, September 25, 2010

Out of Character

Have you ever done something that others would think is totally unlike you? As a teacher new to the fifth grade last year, I knew I would be spending a week away with the students at Nature's Classroom, an outdoor education program. This is something the students look forward to for a long time! Being a girly girl, my colleagues joked about me roughing it out in nature, and my students were eager to see what I would look like in pants and sneakers instead of a dress! To my surprise, I ended up loving Outdoor Ed and was even willing to hold a duck after a fun duck race. :) This was very out of the ordinary for me, making it lots of fun to scrap!

Go ahead and scrap yourself doing something that may be a little out of character. Share a moment captured when perhaps you have done something nobody would expect! :)

Happy scrapping!


Cindy Gay said...

You're still a very pretty girl even when you're roughing it! A great teacher too.

Melanie said...

What a fun idea, Alia! Love the way you documented your adventure. Such a cute, cute layout :)

Monique Nicole Fox said...

Awesome layout and subject to scrap.