Friday, October 29, 2010

My favorite things of...

SPRING! Well, I live in Brazil and now it's begging the best season of the year in my opinion, Spring! So, I did a layout to celebrate this season.

You can click on image to see it bigger. My journaling is about my favorites things of spring: birds singing, more time of daylight, a lot of flowers and not so hot weather. 
What do you like about the season that is beginning in your country now? Go outside, take a picture and do some scrapbooking about it.
Today is my last post in scrap yourself, I hope you got inspired! I'm thankful to be part of this design team and I discovered somethings about me being part of it. It was a pleasure journey.
You can submit your inscription to be a part of the new design team, good luck!
See you around...

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Alia said...

It has been great seeing all your work over this past term!! Lucky you - spring is coming.... Fall is here now, and I am enjoying the crisp weather and colorful leaves!