Friday, November 26, 2010


This time my letter was "K".
I thought over and over again about K...K
and finally I decided to choose a word "kiss" related to letter "K".

The photo which shows one shot of our wedding
which was held four years ago.
It is very valuable photo
because normally most Japanense do not take such spot photo.

I summarized for my layout which is cordinated green color
by cutting paper of webster'spage.

I think that everyone has once expericed to design for layout
by using photo of your wedding .
In my case I have made it every year.

I wish you will design for layout by photo of your wedding
as much as you can.

I appreciate your observing and have a nice weekend!!!



Cindy Gay said...

Beautiful framing to this beautiful photo. Good idea (to scrap a wedding photo every year). We had slides from our wedding and for years I did not have photos. Now I have some of those slides on a CD!

Alia said...

Wow, this is just gorgeous! So classy and beautiful!

Gloria said...

Wow this is stunning,very elegant feel to it! I love the colors you used and the layering is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration.

chalesek said...

Just amazing!! I adore everything about this lo!!

Tia said...

Your layout is absolutely beautiful and elegant. Great job!!

Reflective Art Studio said...