Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the 60s: Learning & having fun. Family & Friends.

In 1962 John Glen circled the earth. President Kennedy was assassinated in 1968 and in 1969 we watched the first man walk on the moon. Hula Hoops were in and "Laugh-in" was on TV.

In school, I made a lot of friends. I was active in Scouts and church youth groups. As a teenager, I was lucky to have a local "Teen Town" where I danced to live bands on Saturdays and DJs on Fridays. I most enjoyed summers. As a family, we went on picnics and to fairs and horse shows. When I was thirteen, we got a pool and my friends would come and swim.

Bob first became interested in photography at age 12. His neighbor, Bill Mucklow, had a darkroom in his house, lent Bob a camera and paid him to develop some of his film. Bob and his friend, Jim Wolfe, took pictures of the Oak Ridge Boys and sold them some of their shots. Bob was an Audiovisual Assistant in high school and took pictures for the newspaper. He even got some jobs shooting weddings.

The newspaper clipping was from the Charleston Daily Mail when Bob was "Cornered by the Camera" by staff photographer Chet Hawes who later became Bob's coworker.

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