Saturday, February 19, 2011

Get to Know the New Designers

Meet Mandy
1. I love gardening.....I just love color surrounding my house
2. I love to take close-up photo's of my flowers.
3. My favorite food is Mexican. Chicken Quesadilla's
4. Music I listen to: "Rage Against the Machine" my fave right now.
5. I've been married 19 years.
6. I have one son he's six years old.
7. I hand paint on canvas with oils. Mainly florals and some people.
8. I have one dog and three cats.
9. I live in a small town with one red light.
10. I love to travel and see the ocean.

Meet Ally Cakes

*im a ninja master over at pink ninja addicts which is a monthly kit club. i love it.
*i am a busy, busy mama of two. daniel is 5 and sofia is 4. sofia does dance, t-ball, horse back riding and gymnastics. daniel does t-ball and soccer. and i love how hectic my life is!!!
*im a tid bit over obsessed with animal print. i la,la,la LOVE it!!!
*and pink too,,, especially fuchsia,,,
*i do as much of my clothing shopping {for me and my kids} on esty. i love etsy so much!!
*im the first girl born into my dads family for over one hundred years.
*im left handed
*i love going to concerts and baseball games a lot, a lot. especially with my bestie nely
*betsey johnson makes me crazy happy
*garden gnomes are the cutest thing in the whole wide world. and lawn flamingos as well. arent they the best??
{xoxo} ally
Meet Letica
Some facts about me?

I love ice cream! Beach and summer!
I am also passionate about the winter, so I can eat lots of popcorn watching a movie under the cover.
I no longer remember the original color of my hair, because every year I make a new cut and dye.
I'm short, but everyone thinks I'm high!
I love a colored pencil and many, many scissors! But rents amaze me, along with the style shabby.
I'm very happy, above all else. I smile even when I'm sad, trying to make my life and that of others around me, a little better
Meet Azura

1) I'm actually clumsy at times [ok! I lied most of the time]. If I never spill something, knock onto something, say something stupid, make a new word out of the existing word or embarass myself entirely in front of public, I'm actually very normal.

2) I treasure everyone who are super close to me! :))
3) I am a hopelessly devoted lover.
4) I enjoy taking exclusive ME time to do shopping, running errands, scrapping, or just about anything.
5) I cry a lot!
6) I love potato more than chocolate!
7) I wish I have the time to whip up my very own recipes[maybe when Im a bit grown up teehee ;)]
8) My deepest wish is to travel the world without a care.
9) I would love a bigger space for my scraproom.
10) My name is Azura Alyssa and this has been 10 fun facts about me.  

Meet Danielle

1. I hate the cold weather. I would love to hibernate from November until April. Or at least until temperature is above 15degrees Celsius.
2. My favorite food is Mexican or anything with seafood.
3. Expressing my feelings to others is natural and easy for me to do.
4. My favorite color is red, I also love yellow and all natural colors..
5. I had the most beautiful curls when I was small. After I had my 2 sons it is a mess and now it is in between straight and curly.. I always have to iron it flat to make it look ok.
6. I am not attracted to men who are more sensitive than I am, that would make life way too emotional.
7. Small things make me happy.
8. You can wake me up ANY night for a Caramel Macchiato or a Chai Tea Latte..
9. My husband was my first and only and still is. I love it!
10. I don't like insults, even if the intention was to be funny.

Meet Taraleigh

1. I am a wife to one awesome guy. He never ceases in making me laugh!
2. I am a mom of two who keep me busy and on my toes all day long.
3. I am a daughter of an amazing artist who has taught me everything I need to know.
4. I was named after a fishing boat in Alaska, only my name is spelled a bit different.
5. I look much younger than I am. But who said age matters anyway, right?
6. I love to play with paper and glue. For me it is my escape, my therapy, my sanity. And it's fun.
7. My favorite colors are green and blue, but my favorite color of cardstock is anything neutral (including white, cream, tan, kraft, brown, and black).
8. I love taking pictures for the sake of seeing life through the lens.
9. My favorite day of the week is Tuesday.
10. I am totally excited to be part of the Scrap-Yourself team.

Meet Kirsten

1. I love everything with banana flavor.
2. I laugh a lot and very highly.
3. I eat too much cake though .......
4. I am not good at baking.
5. I talk a lot.
6. I don't like cheese.
7. I am very tired in the morning but I wake up after a few cups of coffee.
8. I am afraid of heights.
9. I love listening to pop music.
10. I drink too much coffee.


allyson joy said...

oh me oh my - how fun to see this up!!!! now I can brag on my own blog - ladies - it was so fun reading your ten facts - as CONGRATS - I'm so looking forward to this adventure - I've already got some layouts brewing {on paper AND in my noggin},,, a special thanks the chalese for creating such an amazing site and for choosing me to help inspire others - so honored.
{xoxo} ally*cakes

Cindy Gay said...

Congratulations to the new artists on the design team. You've joined a very talented group Love the fun facts.

jenny/e.j.m said...

So fun to see you all.
I'm so looking forward to inspire together with you.


Leticia Seki said...

yeah!!!! it's so cooolllll!!!!!
tks for the opportunity :D I'm soooo happy!!!!

yuko Tanaka said...

I'm looking forword to your work!!!

Danielle said...

girls, I am SOOOO excited to start this journey with all of you!!! you are all crazy talented! thanks so much Chalese for having me on the team! SUPER excited and happy!!! xo Danielle

[[Azura]] said...

funny 10 facts ya'll...
cant wait for this new journey to begin..wooohooo.. :))