Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Biz of ARt...

Hello Everyone.... DISCLAIMER.... Not for the faint of heart.

Just Kidding-
F.Y.I. I tend to be a positive person and yet, Let's be honest-!
There is always a time in our lives that just getting it all done can Be FRUSTRATING... And it feels good to do a page just for your emotions.

This last February, I found myself in this Frustrating place and did a Lay Out based just on that. It was Application season for artists. Arts Festivals and Public Art. I was applying to everything I could and trying to fit the need of each art project I applied for. Feeling pulled in all sorts of directions.
When, Where.... What I will need for product and my booth, travel. Geez, just talking about it gets me going-!

I am far past that now and have a generous schedule to adhere to... Yet- so very excited about the persons I will get to meet this coming season.

Part of the journaling states:
"in dreams we catch glimpses of life larger than our own" Tim Holtz stamps.

Just Know our lives that...
"This too shall pass"
and you will be back on your feet in the right mind set in no time.

ROCK ON Lovely Ladies-!
Keep your goals in minds eye.


[[Azura]] said...

wow!! love love his..so artsy fartsy.. :)

Reflective Art Studio said...

I love that term.. Thank you Azura.

kashagray5 said...

Sarinda! This is soooooo cool! I agree w/ Azura.....It is artsy fartsy!

Cindy Gay said...

Well done--very creative!

Alia said...

Totally unique and so much to take in here! :)

Kimic said...

What a beautiful piece of art journaling. I looove it :-D