Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Eleven years ago Caesar moved in with us and became a truly beloved member of our family. He is such a wonderful "old gentleman" with SO much personality. He loves when we take photos of him, of course he doesn't know what a photo is, but he enjoys the attention we pay him in that moment. Caesar is following us as much as possible and sometimes he go to work with my husband, BUT "mommy" is the best ;-D

I created this layout with a photo of Caesar and I sitting in the dunes at the beach in Vorupør where we have our summerhouse.

A little cluster of embellishments

I used a Bird and branch punch from Stampin Up

We have a very special bond and he is a true and 100 % loyal friend to me, 11 years is a high age for a big dog, so I am deeply grateful for every day he is here with us.




Taraleigh said...

This is so fun! I love the colors and the accents.

kashagray5 said...

Ceasar is a big puppy dog!! Beautiful details framing the photo! Gorgeous colors!