Saturday, April 9, 2011

spring has come!

Hi! everyone!
Spring has arrived!
 Spring is my favorite season.
Because  warm and beautiful flowers blooms.

I go to strawberry picking every year. 

The strawberry of the reserving is really delicious!
Spring approaches day by day.
My  heart is excited!!!


Alia said...

Yuko! So happy to see you again! Beautiful work! :)

kashagray5 said...

Hi Yuko! Wonderful cheerful design!

The Mama Monster said...

super cute! love the envelope!

Kimic said...

It's so nice you are back..:-D
Very beautiful layout, it's spring in Denmark too, but the strawberries must wait untill June.
I looove strawberries too ;-D

jenny/e.j.m said...

Nice to see you again=)
Such a beautiful layout. Here in Sweden the spring has finally arrived to.


Cindy Gay said...

Happy Spring! Happy layout!

chalesek said...

Yuko so happy to see your BACK!! What a happy layout!!

Brenna "ScrapSmith" said...

What a bright and airy spring layout. Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

love the bright colors.. :)so cute.. :)