Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Family Portrait

Hello All....

I have been taking a mixed media art class and this is an abstract portrait of my family. I wanted to share the experience as well the out come of a pretty fast and furious challenge.

The Challenge here was that we had 10 minutes to come up with an idea and complete the work. Using only what we brought with us.... from our bags and cars.

I would like challenge you to create some of your Lay Outs this way. Using only your scraps and give yourself 10 to 20 minutes to create a page.

I have used map paper from all the places we were born and pleated the edges to create a pillow or 3D.

Then I have drawn a tent type image and used watercolor to fill in. Then collage some.

I found that it was so freeing to create with the voice in my head. Some pages are of course better than others... And it is so worth it in the end to try another way of creating.



chalesek said...

You are amazing!!! Love this I will have to try this!!

Alia said...

One of a kind! :)

Reflective Art Studio said...

Thanks you two....
I really was fun to bounce ideas off of others. It might be fun with a group of your scraping Buddies.
This has been so much fun for me. Thank you for having me on board.

kashagray5 said...

Such a cool creative idea! Love it!

[[Azura]] said... day I shall try this.. :)