Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meet Nida

Hello SY Fans!!
Meet Nida I just love all the details on Nida designs!! You will certainly be inspired!

1) Married to a wonderful husband and mother to a wonderful son
2) I have a day job as an engineer in one of the consultancy firm in Malaysia
3) I love  arts and crafts especially making cards, scrapbooks, altered art etc
4) I love leather stuffs..and so much the better if its vintage... hehehe
5) I love ice- cream especially vanilla! (does this count in as well? hehehe..)
6) I'm quite a quiet person and not talkative. sometime i always feel outta place whenever I'm around people..he he..
7) I am an avid reader, love books! and my genre is mostly vampires (since the day of Anne Rice! until Twilight...). I love the smell of books and i would just visit a book store just to smell the environment.
8) I love to collect note books, note pads, etc. I have tons of unused note books in my possession and keeps growing..
9) i love listening to the 80's... eg Hall & Oates, Level 42.. etc.
10) i love to keep old letters, cards which were handwritten. we don't do that anymore cos now its all about e-mail and sms...
11) whoops... hehe... and many many more ... :)))))))

Beautiful Design



Kim said...

I love your design Nida. I am looking forward to working with you.

Nanette said...

Hi Nida, love your work! Welcome to the team.

jennaroo said...

Hi Nida, love that page, I can't wait to get to know you better!

Nida Razali said...

Yes, welcome all ladies! I've been to your blogs and they are all wonderful!

Reflective Art Studio said...

Hello... SO good to meet you and see one of your works. Lovely.

Becca Boriscrapbookera said...

Love the details in the Layout! Nice to meet you!