Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Susanna Granroth

Hello Readers!
I am sharing a layout from one of our readers - Susanna Granroth

This is me on the 9th of June 2006. It was when all of my lady friends kidnapped me from work. I don't know what you call this "party" ... a hen party, perhaps. It is a party for the bride to be that her friends throw at her.
So this was shortly after they kidnapped me. They made me put on this horrible suit that they've painted brown. The paint was old and the suit smelled like a bag of poop. But the idea was to dress like a moose, hence the horns. Hälge, as it says on the LO is a caricature of a moose. and that's what I was called as younger.
So they led me outside where they rewarded me with a apple cider. The next thing was to hop on a Harley and go driving race cars. It was so much fun. All my friends thought that I was afraid of riding a Harley but this was just me kidding them, I loved it.

Thank you for sharing Susanna!

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