Monday, March 29, 2010

Brenna Smith

Hello Readers!

I am sharing a layout from one of our readers Brenna Smith and her love of animals.

Her Story:
Some people may not know that animals are my Soft Spot. I feel so strongly towards them and something about their innocence just makes me feel for them so dearly. This is Lucas, our newest pup. Unfortunately, he has developed very serious hip displacia at only 8 months. The vet informed us that he would not likely be able to stand by the age of two. I cried for about three days straight. I exhausted myself, and that was the only way I could sleep. The last time I cried so hard, was when my Rotty girl, Chevy, passed away unexpectedly, right before my eyes. These dogs are so loving and amazing, they bring out feelings for me, that I rarely feel otherwise. They are my soft spot. It is undecided what will happen with Lucas by the time fall rolls around. We will hope for the best of course, but one thing is for sure... he is going to be the most spoiled pup on the planet for the entire summer.

Thanks for sharing Brenna.
Animals have a spot in my heart as well ;-)


Susanna said...

A beautiful layout. The dog of yours just stole my heart. I love these dogs!

Kirsten said...

My brother's dog had the same diagnosis at the same age - but Thor proved us all wrong and lived to the ripe old age of 10. He figured out how to strech himself and work it all out - hopefully yours will do the same.

Ginger said...

A beautiful layout and a beautiful story! Love it.

Tanya said...

awwwww, beautiful!