Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's refresh yourselves!

Well, it’s already Friday! The weekdays are passing really fast, you do a lot of stuff and sometimes would be great if you could do one thousand duties at the same moment. When the weekend comes and you can enjoy your family and all the things you like, you feel tired. Time to recharge your batteries and do all you can in the weekend. So, let’s scrap about what you do to feel better, refresh. Is there any special place that you like to go or it’s something that you do?
I feel refresh when I’m in touch with nature, so I did this Layout “Nature Girl”:

One moment, it can be only 10 minutes, in touch with green is sufficient to make me feel better and have the strength to begin all over again. I live in a island and actually it’s hard to me to stay far away from the sea – I feel stuck when it happens. When I see that huge and wonderful water, I feel a little better.
This special place that you go or act that you do deserve to be recorded, so, let’s SCRAP! 


Alia said...

Lovely LO and yet another great idea!

Monique Nicole Fox said...

Cute l/o. I like this idea. I have never scrapped it before. Thanks for the inspiration.

chalesek said...

Love it!! Great idea and the LO is FAB!!!

Cindy Gay said...

Looks like our back yard! Very nice mood layout.

Ana Castro said...

Great page, Camila!! Hugs