Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things I've Learned Along The Way

I was inspired to bring you'll this challange straight from a book called *What About The Words*. On page 36, the book says "Journal the lessons you've learned or your perceptions on the stages of life in numbered list format, bullet format or etc.. Your items can center on one theme such as relationships, parenting or finding your own niche in the world. They also can be a combination of different observations that reflect your personality and the road you've traveled." I was inspired to create my own layout where I wrote:

You don't always turn out the way you dreamed when you were little.

You can fall out of love with a man but you won't with your precious child.
Some people don't pray or seek God until something goes wrong.

Pets bring joy to the heart and household.
Being a mother is the sweetest blessing.

Don't worry about what others think only worry about what God thinks.

Higher education is the key to liberation.

So my challenge to you'll today is to make a layout about the *Things You've Learned Along The Way*.

Submit your layout by 8/31/2010 for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to In the comment section of this challenge, please leave a link to you layout and your email address. A random winner will be selected on 9/1/2010.


Alia said...

So great! You've shared a lot about yourself!

chalesek said...

Love the owl pp! Cute lo I love the way you express yourself

laterg8r said...

that owl paper is perfect for a page about wisdom :D

Camila Borssoi said...

Nice idea! Cute owl paper.

Cindy Gay said...

Especially like the photo.