Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Is The Queens Chariot?

What is the Queens chariot? Who is the queen...YOU....ME. What is a chariot?....your car, truck or minivan. Your vehicle is an extension of you. It can tell others alot about you.

For this challenge you might just want to do a pretty layout of your vehicle. You might even want to descirbe why you chose to purchase the vehicle you chose. What color must you have? You might even want to show us the inside. Is it neat or junky? The sky is the limit with this challenge. Put whatever spin you want on this.

Here is a layout of my fully loaded Nissan Patherfinder with leather seats, navigation, DVD, 3 row seating, sunroof, and more. I call her *Big Red*. Whatever vehicle I have will be my favorite color *red* and come with lots of features. What does red say about me?

Now let's see your chariot! Let's see that extension of you.


Alia said...

You sure are thinking of clever ideas!! Such a luxurious lo of you car! :)

chalesek said...

Oh Mo I sooo Love this idea !!! Wonderful Lo and sweet car too!!!

Monique Nicole Fox said...


I came up with this idea myself. However, when I made the Design Team I ordered 2 books from What About The Words and Your Scrapbook Your Story. They have some great ideas. Plus I already had a good book called The Book of Me. Have a blessed Sunday.

Star Rork said...

Nice Ride! I scrapped my car when it was finally paid off! We will get a new vehicle soon & then maybe Ill scrap that 1!

laterg8r said...

awesome title LOL :D