Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dancing to the Music

So when was the last time you told your kids something about your childhood? I think our story also includes all those awkward moments when we were discovering who we are. I know that I have made reference to instances in my life on multiple occasions while raising my teenager. Why not find a way to document that so that our stories will live forever? I dare you!!!!!!

Here is a layout I did of my teen years and some of the dances I attended. I so loved the music of the 80's so I thought I would scrap about it. Enjoy.....

Journaling on the back reads......

Landon, Caleb, and Abigail,

Music and dancing was a huge part of my teen years. It all started with me singing and dancing in front of a mirror. Mawmaw gave me the nickname, Miss Priss, because I always had my hands on my hips and would shake my bootie to the beat. My first all time favorite song was “You light up my life” by Debbie Boone. I would sit in my room and belt out that song to the top of my lungs playing it over and over again on my record player. Boy, I thought I could SING!!!! Next was the MTV phenomenon. I can remember staying up late with your Uncle Patrick waiting for the premier of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Oh, and then there was the Rick Dees top 40. I would take my cassette player and record my favorite tunes as Rick Dees would go through the count down. As I approached my teen years, music became an everyday past time. There were so many different genres that appealed to me. Music reflected the mood I was in and still does to this day. I have so many wonderful memories that involve me and the music I was listening too. Whitesnake, “Is this Love” or Def Leppard, “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, I would blast these songs as high as my little volume button would go while driving to a teen dance club in the next town. Made us feel like “Footloose” because the town we lived in had nothing like that for us to hang out at. Then there was my school dances. I loved getting dressed up and dancing to all the great songs. Prince, Madonna, Journey, U2, Duran Duran, Bruce Springsteen, oh my gosh…I could go on and on. Yes, I have great memories kids and probably a story to all of my favorite songs!!! I loved my teen years and I can’t wait to share many more stories with you.

Love you always,


P.S. the pictures on the front are of me at my junior prom (’89), my friend’s senior prom (’89), and my senior homecoming dance (’89).


Monique Nicole Fox said...

Super duper cute :)

Cindy Gay said...

You were a beautiful 80s girl!

Alia said...

I am just loving this!