Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today we have a Guest!

Let's welcome our guest: Ro Philippsen. I  took several classes with her, including the scrap therapy group she tells about, I love her work and I hope you enjoy it too... Camila.

Hello, my name is Rosangela Philippsen.

I live in a beautiful city called Curitiba in the South of Brazil, with my hubby and my 13 years old son, Rafael. I´ve started scrapbooking 5 years ago and I Scrapbook every day. Initially it was just a hobby which made me feel very happy. And now I teach scrapbooking in my city and host scrapbook events around my country. I also teach a group of scrap therapy, called “Scrap&Me".

I am passionate about creating and inspiring different people and I love trying new and interesting materials in my designs. The project “Scrap&Me" is
 what I am most proud of in my scrapbook world. I could link art and creativity in scrapbook as a therapy.

It allowed me to go further than a class full of techniques and a creative layout with my students, I managed to propose challenges that made us to chat about small things through art. We reach these feelings through colors, specific technique, journaling, even words. Anything that can be therapeutic for a person. Nobody has to reveal anything , but we talk a lot during the class, so we create with fun! A creative therapy.
 The important is that it was an authentic thing and natural.
Picture from our group.

Who went deep into this trip with me did not regret.
Three examples of topics we cover in our “Scrap&Me” classes:

-Theme: Colours of my life.

 In this Layout, ¨colour of my life¨, I propose you to thing about the people Who color your life. Who are the people that make all the difference in your life? Who are you most important value, your biggest precious? Think about what you have that is the most treasure. Choose a fact that represents something very important for you. We Will make a special layout for this Picture.

 -Theme: Music.

Choose one. Just pick one!  It´s not necessary to be the sound of your life, it can be the music that comes to your mind at this moment, or another that attracs your attetion, or even a song that sounds nice to your hear... choose one!!!

-Theme: A message to you.

Be you. Find you. Be happy with that.

You can see more of her work in HERE.


chalesek said...

Ro I love every single LO!! Awsome work Thank you for sharing :)

Rosangela Philippsen said...

Camila, I have no words to thank your affection, I'm very happy and honored to be your guest, you are very special person and you deserve all the success in the world.
Thank you very much Scrap Yourself for the opportunity to be with you.
xoxo from Brazil,
RO Philippsen

Monique Nicole Fox said...

Awesone layouts and inspiration. :)

Caroline said...

Welcome Ro!! Your layouts are so beautiful and inspiring...thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Girls, I loved to know your blog, I saw the link to it on Ro´s blog. Congratulations on having her LOs here, Ro is one of the most fantastic brazilian scrapper and such a lovely person.

Julia Sáddi said...

Rô is a scrap muse to be admired and scrap lifted, yes, for sure! love her scrap style and her easy going character!
Congrats to you for having Rô as a GD!
huuuuuuuge hug, Julia Sáddi


Hi Ro!
I'm soo happy to see you here!
I love yours LOs!! Your scrap its soo beautifull!!! I like soo much to see them!!!

Babi Bôas said...

Hi Ro

I think that you are the best, scraper and friend !!!


Dani Fai said...

I think everybody has already said many true things about you nd your work. I deeply agree with everybody!!!
You are such a great person and a wonderful scrapper!!!
Thanks for being my friend!!!
Dani Faillace

Claudinha Antunes BA said...

I love this girl!
She's absolutelly lovely & precious!!
Ro, LUV U!!


she rocks! xoxoxo from brazil!

Rosangela Philippsen said...

OMG, girls... you all made my day!!!
you all made my day
You are very special, you are all in my heart.

Alia said...

Love our guest!!! :)

Janet M said...

Amazing work on your layouts, every one is a piece of art.