Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh! The Places You'll Go!

A very famous Dr Suess title today! It's funny I dont really know the Dr Suess books very well but I love this title so I used it on my layout today. I have always been very fortunate I have travelled many places across Europe, the Middle East, USA & Canada, The Picture I used today was from my childhood we had good friends with canal boats and we would spend many days in the summer at the moorings, It was seeing this title on the front of my childrens Dr Suess book that inspired this layout I had almost forgotten about these wonderful times.

Will you scrap an almost forgotten time from your childhood? Or how about use an inspirational quote?


Alia said...

How wonderful to scrap a memory that you thought might not always be a memory. I love the way you did the title too - so fun!

chalesek said...

Oh Zoe I love this!! So colorful and fun!!!

Debbi Tehrani said...

Wonderful, whimsical page, Zoe!