Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Do You Collect?

Our collections say a lot about who we are. One of the things I collect is alphabet books. I've always been a logophile. Even as a child, I delighted in wordplay. I can remember discovering William Steig's book CDB in the library when I was a young girl, and I sat on the library floor deciphering each page. As a teacher, I try to pass my love of words onto my students through my teaching and by giving them little gifts of words that I make with pretty papers and interesting phrases that I laminate.

Here is a page I made documenting my alphabet book collection:

What do you collect? And what does your collection reveal about you?


Monique Nicole Fox said...


Your layout is awesome. Great challenge also.

Caroline said...

That's a great layout!! I love that you share so much about yourself. I need to start doing that!!

Cindy Gay said...

Very nice professionally done.