Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Do We Scrap?

Happy Friday!!! It has been a long week for me, I am ready for the weekend!! I  am super excited about this weekend too!! Why you ask?? Well I am going to spend the WHOLE weekend at ScrapFest 2010 @ the Mall of America!! Woo Woo!! I normally go every year,but missed last year so I am READY!!

My question for all of you is 'Why do you scrap"? I know when I first started it was to create summer memories for my step-daughter. We started out with construction paper and glue sticks!! LOL I made my son play along and he HATED IT!! Finally I gave in to his discontent and let him just be!!

Sometime later I became a collector of scrap stuff!! Never really doing anything until it was a special occasions! Fast forward to today I  really appreciate scrapping as a ART Form!! Expression Art I like to call it!! Our love for taking pictures and playing with paper!!:) I am always amazing by all the talented ladies I meet online!!

So today I thought I share some old school love and new school love. How far have we come in the world of paper crafting . A pretty long way, it is only getting better!

                                            This was one of my first pages I posted online

                                         My scrapping style today!Always changing :)

So why do you scrap? Has your style changed? Do you still have the same LOVE you had when you started? Take a look back..  Fall in love with scrapbooking all over again.

Happy Weekend,


Alia said...

I agree that it is so interesting to see how our styles and the scrapbooking world in general have changed over time! Cute LOs!

Char said...

My style has changed for the most part. My first scrapbook was an anniversary album for my parents' 60th anniversary, so it was full of memories, pictures and letters from family and friends. I now scrapbook both old memories and new memories as well as just everyday happenings.

Monique Nicole Fox said...

Cute layouts lady! Your style really has changed. I think all of our styles have changed over time. This week I looked theu my very first Book of Me. In my mind, I was saying *What was I thinking?* I didn't like what i did. LOL!

Anyway, I started scrapbooking in 2003 the year my son was born and my neighbor kept inviting me to Creative Memories events. My son was my original inspiration and 1 of my inspirations. Now I have ventured into other subject matters, Memory Works Consultant, Scrapbooker For Hire and etc.

Cindy Gay said...

Both layouts are very nice!