Saturday, October 16, 2010

41 Random Things About Monique At 41

On page 41 of the book *What AboutThe Words* there is a layout called *31 Random Facts About Me At 31*.  I was inspired to create!  My birthday was August 26 and I turned *41*.  So I came up with 41 random things about me at 41. 

On page 41, it says "Create a list of random characteristics and special attributes that share the real you.  Sit down, get in a spontaneous frame of mind and allow your mind to flood with the facts and details that make up your character.  Include likes/dislikes, favorites, personal characteristics or any other obsession, confession or detail that gives readers the scoop on the one and only you."  Here is what I put on my layout:
1. I love God and Jesus Christ.
2. I love being a mommy to Christian.
3. I love scrapbooking.
4. I love poetry.
5. I love sketches.
6. I love watching movies at home.
7. I love going to the movies at a theatre.
8. I love to snuggle.
9. I love to hug.
10. I love to kiss.
11. I have 1 younger blood brother and no blood sisters.
12. I have 3 step sisters.
13. I am addicted to everything Cricut.
14. My parents divorced when I was young.
15. My daddy remarried but my mom never remarried.
16. I love to swim.
17. I love Caribbean food.
18. I love seafood.
19. I love bright, happy colors.
20. I love my lime green Dell laptop.
21. I was born in DC.
22. I grew up in Atlanta.
23. I went to UDC; class of 1992
24. I love being creative.
25. I love traveling; weekend getaways.
26. I love Oriental home décor.
27. I love reading devotionals.
28. I love reading scrapbook magazines.
29. I love sunflowers.
30. I used to collect Black Angels.
31. I used to collect Black Santas.
32. I have a butterfly embellie collection.
33. I have a felt embellie collection.
34. I wish I had a maid to cook, clean and do laundry.
35. I hate okra.
36. I hate blackeyed peas.
37. I hate liver.
38. I love tilapia and salmon fish.
39. I love Dr Pepper, Root Beer, Lemonade, Ice Tea & water.
40. I love candy with chocolate and nuts.
41. I am a Virgo; born August 26.
Now it's your turn.  Let's see your random things or random facts.


Alia said...

Totally love this idea, and can't wait to come up with.. 28 things of my own!! :-) hehe

Cindy Gay said...

Love salmon, tilapia, sunflowers and your layout!

Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

I agree with Alia! Just reading your list makes me excited! TFS!

chalesek said...

So Awesome!! You hate black-eyed peas?? I soo love this Mo!!