Monday, October 18, 2010

My Guy

Happy Monday Ladies!!
I thought of all the great topic we scrap here on SY!! I felt it was fitting for ME to scrap My Guy!! Mr.Knight the love of my life!! Hey he the one that let's me spend all the $$ on my scrap obsession :) Not only that he is Truly my bestie!! We have grown so much together!! When we met I was a whopping 19 years young... Today at 35 I learn and grown in way that still make pinch myself!! I love this GUY!! Here my creation.
Who your special Guy?? Scrap it !!


KateB said...

great idea! we don't see enough of our men on layouts do we? I shall make my next one all about my cutie pie hubby! tfi!

Alia said...

A tribute to your guy! Awesome! Seems like a keeper! :)

Cindy Gay said...

That's super. Love those black flourishes.

Monique Nicole Fox said...

aweee how sweet