Monday, November 22, 2010


Now I am a little nervous because this is the first time
to post to "Scrap Yourself".
I am in charge of "Letter H" thus,I inted to layout about "Heart"
Combing my introduction,I took something in my mind(heart) as time.

I have my favorite husband and two cats
(one of black&white cat has been living woth me for 15 yesrs!!!)

I am very happy that ther are living together with me.
Because of an exsitence of my husband and two lovely cats,
I am sure that most part of my inside heart(mind) could be occupied
by doing a scrapbooking.

All taking photos and desighing for layout would be showing
an affection to someone.

Thanks for your viewing and please enjoy it!!!



Alia said...

This LO is so cool! I love all the layering! Such a fabulous overall design!

jenny/e.j.m said...

What a lovely layout.You did great. I love the colors and how you have placed photo and the pattern papper on the crdstock.
Such a cool layout=)


Cindy Gay said...

It's a great design and an even great concept. You do have heart!

Reflective Art Studio said...

Yuko.... This is really nice-! I love the patterns you have put together and quite good design. Congrats-!

Kathleen Blommestein said...

This is a really nice page Yuko.! I love how you have fit 4 pics into the same page, I always find this really hard to do!