Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Decade 00: The boys grow up. Honoring our parents.

In 2003, I made layouts for each of the decades we've lived in beginning with the 1950s. (Yes, I'm that old!) I used excerpts from the book "Generations at Work" for the Seminal Events and Cultural Memorabilia to place on the layouts along with our recollections of the time.

And now we're about to close another decade! This decade began with the Y2K panic. On 9-11-2001 the World Trade Center & the Pentagon were jet-bombed by terrorists. The US and Allies overthrew and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. The dot-com stock markets crashed and the "Harry Potter" books were published.

I have so many memories from this decade and pictures to help me remember. The journaling is placed behind the photo of Bob and I. Here are a few highlights: "We began the new century as a family of 4. Every Saturday Bob takes the boys to Pokemon League at the local comic store. Chris still joins me for reading at bedtime (a tradition started with Greg). Bob starts his job at the Dominion Post. Chris decorates his room all Sponge Bob. The boys & I visit Maxine bringing her lots of presents. Greg brings Michelle into our lives. Mom is honored in a Rosie the riveter ceremony and interview. Maxine passes away at age 85. Greg graduates high school with many honors. Dad is honored with many medals from the US Marines for his world War II service. Chris joins a search party when his friend Mikah's autistic brother is lost in the wilderness for days. Greg becomes a gaming journalist. My nephew Cale is born & nephew Brian is married. Chris is elected to state offices in TSA. Michelle graduates WVU with a double major & joins Cummins Diesel. I speak at an International Conference for the Whole Grains Council.

Bob and I work, work, work but so enjoy our time as a couple when we travel and take pictures. I think he appreciates my recording of memories".

December 2010


Alia said...

Cindy, This idea is ingenious and I am so inspired to do my own layout from the past decade! Wow, definitely saving this idea!! Thanks!!

Gloria said...

Wow Cindy, this is an amazing idea and what a great way to record all your memories...I´ll be definitely saving this idea as well, thanks for the incredible inspiration!!

batoul said...

Your amazing! Love everything you do!