Sunday, December 5, 2010

The letter "T"

Today I would like to introduce you to the letter "T".
My topic for this layout is "Teenage movies". Do you remember your favorite movies from your teenage? The movies, that you just have to se all over again and again. The movies that you never got tiered of. The movies about LOVE, ROMANCE, TEARS and HAPPINESS.
The lines you remember and the scenes you love so much that you must rewind the DVD player.
I was a teenager at the 80s. And I loved "Grease" and "Dirty Dancing"

And so here you are this is my Layout:

I have seen it a hundred times. And when I was 15 years old, I really couldn't believe that Patrick Swayze was in my fathers age. Thet handsome guy! And when I was in my teenage, Oh what I would like to be like Sandy in Grease...

"Guess mine is not, the first heart broken. My eyes are not the first to cry. I'm not the first to know. There's just not getting over you"

And who don't remember Patrick Swayzes line:

"No one puts the Baby in the corner"

That's all from me today.

Se you!



Alia said...

This is so unique and fun!

Cindy Gay said...

A very neat design and I too loved the Dirty Dancing movie!

chalesek said...

Cute Cute Cute!!! Yes I was the a brown Sandy(LOL)!! Love that movie Grease!!!

Gloria said...

What a great idea to document, I love the colors on your layout, great job! THanks for the inspiration

Reflective Art Studio said...

I agree What a great idea and subject matter. very nice.