Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm a Dreamer

One of the reasons I enjoy scrapbooking is it keeps me from worrying. While I'm creating, I remember the time and place in the photograph and I add papers and embellishments to make it even prettier. This picture was taken on my last afternoon in Boston. The weather was miserable, damp and windy, but I made good use of my time walking around the harbor one more time.


I usually start my pages by planning them around really good photographs. This was not one of them. I added filter after filter in Photoshop until I liked the effect, then printed the picture on watercolor paper. I thought it added to the "dreamy" effect.


Alia said...

Cool photoshop work, Cindy! I do believe I remember this terrible day when you were in Boston! LOL A unique page for sure...

Kathleen Blommestein said...

I love the effects Cindy! What a great idea.