Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hot Chocolate

Hello friends,

When we are in our summerhouse we enjoy the rough nature by the northern westcoast. I love being there in autumn and winter when there are not many tourists and everything is peaceful and quiet and all you hear is the wind and waves.

We take many lovely walks but I especially love the walks late in the afternoon just before dusk and I from a distance can smell the burning tree in our fireplace. After those walks we use to sit a while in front of the fireplace having a nice cup of hot chocolate. I just love hot chocolate....This moment of the day is very special to me.

Do you have any special moments of your day which you love more than others?



Alia said...

This is adorable!

kashagray5 said...

I'll have some Hot Chocolate please!! This is a wonderful layout! Awesome design!

Cindy Gay said...

A great design!

Taraleigh said...

Now you have me craving some hot cocoa of my own! I love the colors in your layout!

Dorit said...

Oh yes, specially in friday afternoons, when I come home from my job, then I place myself in the couch sitting with a nice cup of tea and looking forward to a wonderful relaxing weekend, love that moment :-D