Friday, March 11, 2011

Lost and found

Hi guys!

Danielle here with another scrap yourself layout.

One of my secrets is that I adore art journaling and always envy the persons who are so good at it. I bought paints, pens, special stamps, inks etc to start art journaling but I never had the courage or thought I was good enough.. yesterday night I just wanted to get messy with paint so I tried my hand at doing a page.

I bought the Pink Paislee parisian album and some refills and I just want to make the jump into doing a combination of scrapbooking and art journaling. Why not? Can I make mistakes? sure! Will that matter? no way.. so I challenge you to just take a jump at whatever you have as a little secret and just do it!!

Here is the 5x7 art journal layout I created using the art supplies I bought for art journaling.

It might not be as artsy as some of the art journaling out there, but I learned there is no right or wrong and.. well I totally like it.. so it makes me happy. Thats the point right?!

Now go think of a little secret and take a chance at it! 

Happy creating!
xo Danielle


Gabi Alberti said...

it's amazing! And I agree with you, there is no rigth or wrong! Your art journal ir perfect! i loved it!

KateB said...

I love it! looks very Pink Paislee-ish...great job...I too bought supplies but haven't ventured into the journal yet :)

Alia said...

This rocks! Very artsy and so cool!

allyson joy said...

yes - the point is to make you happy - but it makes me happy too!!!! I LOVE this!!! so inspiring!!!!

Cindy Gay said...

It's pretty. I like the wings.

Leticia Seki said...

I loved it!!!

Kirsten said...

One of the good things about our hobby is that nothing is wrong og right and you can do whatever you like. This layout is great :-D

chalesek said...

Wow I love this!!

kashagray5 said...

Awesome design! I love it!