Monday, May 2, 2011

Mom and daughter layouts

Today is time for Kirsten and me to inspire you all with layouts about our mom/daughter.
First out I show you my layout about three generations, my Mom, myself and my daughter.

I often hear people say, you and your daughter look the same. I often recognize myself in my daughters way of beeing and habbit. She's a lot like me as a young girl.

As I get older I often se my mother in my self, often in our body language in photos and in photos of my mother as young I can see the similarity between us.
The title for my layout is "Three generations of love."

Have a nice day!


Hi everyone, Kirsten here ;-)

The challenge this week is to make a mom and daughter layout.

Honestly I struggled at little with this one, as I only have very few photos of my mom and I. Anyway - here is my take. As you can see I used a photo of me as a baby sitting at my mom's knee. This was the best I could do with this theme.



Scrap~tures said...

great layouts ladies! So much colour and the theme!

Cindy Gay said...

They are all lovely!

kashagray5 said...

Wonderful photo! Beautiful page!