Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Challenge *Mother-Daughter Comparisons*

Happy Sunday!
It's time for a new challenge here at Scrap Yourself.
This week we challenge you to create a layout comparing yourself to your mother, or daughter. I created this layout, "So Who Do I Look Like?"
I decided to use a photo of myself from high school, and compare it to photos of both my mother and father when we were all around the same age. 


Hey Azura here with the same challenge..
People always say that when my mom was younger. she looked like me..
I took that as a positive comment..
Together with the looks we share, we also share many common habits and our thinking is somewhat similar..that is the reason why I can just blurt out anything to my mom and I bet to get the right advise from her..Im glad we are close like that! :)

Here is a layout to celebrate US! :)
So, the challenge for you is to create a layout comparing yourself to your mother, or daughter..
I hope you join us in this week's challenge and share with us your story. 
OK! Happy Labor Day and keep on Scrapping.. :)
Love; Azura


Fritchey said...

Both pages are absolutely awesome!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dear.. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fantastic idea for a layout!! I love it!! Beatiful layouts too!

kashagray5 said...

Great photos! Beautiful design!

kashagray5 said...

Alia...Good looking family! You look a little like both Mom and Dad.