Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Canadian Woman" by Brenna

Celebrate the woman you are eh? This was a theme with SO many possibilities. I initially thought I'd make a page about my triumphs and failures, or maybe my many skills, or a page on how I define myself and in the end opted for a much lighter and humorous layout. Me- as a Canadian woman!
The journalling reads as follows:
as a true Canadian woman, I know how to skate in both hockey skates and figure skates. I have shovelled off a lake. I own long underwear. I not only know what La tire (french word pronounced Teer with a rolling 'r') is, I also know how to make it. I shovel my car out from under inches of ice and walk my dogs at -40 degrees below. I've climbed a ski hill in the middle of the night and came sliding down it on a GT. I know that beaver tails and hot chocolate are essential when skating the world's longest rink and I have a wardrobe for four very different seasons and everything in between...not that I'm complaining 'bout that! I am a Canadian woman.
To make this page I started with a strong layered middle that anchors the layout and built off from there, adding embellishments and clusters. I think photos should almost always be the main focus and I made sure that my colour schemed complimented the unique winter shades in my picture. I inked and sprayed my letters. I often only partially ink when using craft white ink to give a weathered and aged effect.
For more details and to see more of my work please visit my blog:

Brenna :)


Nida Razali said...

love the snow flakes here...are they chippies? the spraying looks great ! TFS!

Nanette said...

WOW, love it! Journal, page, everything

jennaroo said...

Great page, TFS!!!

Becca Boriscrapbookera said...

Beautiful pictures! I love all the details.

lisaplus6 said...

your journaling makes me smile! your page is perfect, too!! love it!