Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet Lisa

Are loving the FAB new design team?? I am already inspired by these lovely gals!!
Meet Lisa

Here are my facts (hope these are okay... I feel so
1. My faith is the center of all I do.
2. I like to do something crafty everyday!
3. I am a mommy to 6.
4. I home school my children (and it is so fun). I always dreamed of being a teacher when I grew up and well, I am =)
5. We grow our own garden and we enjoy canning and preserving food for the whole year.
6. I like lattes. a lot. especially with pumpkin swirl and whipped cream. 
7.  I have been married my whole adult life and I got my license after I was married. We will be celebrating our 14th anniversary this month!!
8. I like 80s music. Can you say DANCE PAR-TAY??
9. I love to hike in the woods! We love nature and being outdoors!
10. ummmm... I do not have a belly button. I know, weird, but true!
You can take a sneak peek at Lisa design's !!!


Nanette said...

Hoi Lisa, can't wait to see your designs!

Brenna "ScrapSmith" said...

Lisa, I love your blog! Great photos and you have a really original scrapping style. Super nice!

Kim said...

Hi Lisa, I can't wait to start working with you.

Reflective Art Studio said...

Looking forward to seeing your work... and of course getting to know you. Cheers to the Lattes.

jennaroo said...

mmmmmmm....oumpkin latte's!!!! I love large families, DH and I wanted 6 orig. but that just wasn't in the cards, I had issues giving birth to my 4th chanced it with a 5th and decided it was to dangerous for a 6th.....but hats off to you, looking forward to working with you!

Becca Boriscrapbookera said...

Nice to meet you!