Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet Nanette

Meet Nanette I think your going to love her FUN and FREE spirit!!

10 things about myself.....oh dear here I go:
  1. First of all I'm a mum of 2 lovely daughters of 12 and 10 and a babyson of two months old.
  2. I'm married to a fantastic husband, who isn't complaining when I want to go to a scrapbook store (again......)
  3. I'm a scrapaholic.....I think of scrapping day and night....
  4. I always take my camera with me (afraid I might miss THE perfect photo)
  5. I love sharing my layouts but also love to look at layouts of others, as they give me inspiration!
  6. I hate to stand in front of the camera, but lately I make myself do it, because I think the family albums aren't complete without pictures of myself. Even more reasons for me and you to join Scrap Yourself!
  7. I'm also a coach and athlete for atletics, especially shot pot, discus and javelin throwing
  8. My other passion is costumes and showing them off at the Elf Fantasy Fair....(makes good photo's for scrapping too!)
  9. I'm an animal freak, at the moment we have only 1 dog, three cats and 2 chickens added to our household
  10. Can't wait to start as a DT member of Scrap Yourself!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!



Lean said...

coool to see you here...fun page to.

Brenna "ScrapSmith" said...

great photo and page!

Reflective Art Studio said...

WonderFUL image of you.... Made me giggle right off. Here's to rocking the SYDT....

jennaroo said...

Haha, great lo....lokking forward to woring with you!

Becca Boriscrapbookera said...

Nice to meet you! Love the pic!