Thursday, November 3, 2011

must have...Cheesecake!

I definitely would not categorize myself as someone with an addictive personality. I had a really hard time trying to think of things that I am either obsessed with or simply can't live without. All I could come up with were things that I REALLY REALLY like!
One thing in particular that I have a hard time resisting when at a restaurant would be cheese cake. my cheesecake! This page happens to be cheesecake from NYC, how delicious! Please enjoy!
I kept a neutral palette when making this page and let the photos do all the work. Layering of complimentary patterned paper gives visual interest and rounding corners softens the look. Thanks for peeking!


Nida Razali said...
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Nida Razali said...

Love the colours on this cheesecake too! Yummm.....TFS!

Nanette said...

Great pictures, makes me hungry! Love your layout!

chalesek said...

Yummy!! Love the colors awesome job!!