Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Obsessed by books : Nanette

The theme of this week is OBSESSION.
I could have choosen scrapbooking. LOL! But that is a bit too obvious isn't it? 

So I decided it was books! I even took a photo especially for this challenge with piles of books.....But then I found this picture of me, made last week in Germany in our camper (mobil home) during our vacation. This photo shows it all. 

How much I do love books
Nothing can stop me from reading. Not even a glass of rosé! Or a baby on my lap!

For the interested: It's a book of Hannah Kristen. I just recently found out about her books and I love them ALL!

I used a few things out of my pile of Webster's Pages and added lots of ink and 2 book embellishments (who were in my stash for many years - aha thought so I should never throw anything out!). Still fighting with the bloomers though. They are so big on a layout, so I used some ink on them too, to give them some shading. I added the word 'books' many times too give extra attention to my obsession.

Now it is your turn! Scrap your obsession and show it to us!
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Nida Razali said...

Love the paper! Yes I love books too!

chalesek said...

Pretty Nanette!!