Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jill Sarginson

Hello Readers!
I am sharing a layout from one of our readers - Jill Sarginson

It's a layout about what she was thinking on March 31 2009
ironic that it was exactly 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing Jill!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Susanna Granroth

Hello Readers!
I am sharing a layout from one of our readers - Susanna Granroth

This is me on the 9th of June 2006. It was when all of my lady friends kidnapped me from work. I don't know what you call this "party" ... a hen party, perhaps. It is a party for the bride to be that her friends throw at her.
So this was shortly after they kidnapped me. They made me put on this horrible suit that they've painted brown. The paint was old and the suit smelled like a bag of poop. But the idea was to dress like a moose, hence the horns. Hälge, as it says on the LO is a caricature of a moose. and that's what I was called as younger.
So they led me outside where they rewarded me with a apple cider. The next thing was to hop on a Harley and go driving race cars. It was so much fun. All my friends thought that I was afraid of riding a Harley but this was just me kidding them, I loved it.

Thank you for sharing Susanna!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Brenna Smith

Hello Readers!

I am sharing a layout from one of our readers Brenna Smith and her love of animals.

Her Story:
Some people may not know that animals are my Soft Spot. I feel so strongly towards them and something about their innocence just makes me feel for them so dearly. This is Lucas, our newest pup. Unfortunately, he has developed very serious hip displacia at only 8 months. The vet informed us that he would not likely be able to stand by the age of two. I cried for about three days straight. I exhausted myself, and that was the only way I could sleep. The last time I cried so hard, was when my Rotty girl, Chevy, passed away unexpectedly, right before my eyes. These dogs are so loving and amazing, they bring out feelings for me, that I rarely feel otherwise. They are my soft spot. It is undecided what will happen with Lucas by the time fall rolls around. We will hope for the best of course, but one thing is for sure... he is going to be the most spoiled pup on the planet for the entire summer.

Thanks for sharing Brenna.
Animals have a spot in my heart as well ;-)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kirsten Heal

Hello Readers!
I am sharing a layout from one of our readers - Kirsten Heal

The title is “Health”

For the past two years, I have been following Ali Edwards word of the year idea. It's where you pick one word that you want to focus on throughout the year. This year, I picked health. Not only in the physical sense, but with my surroundings and my mental health. Making sure that I take some me time, time for me to get healthy - eating better, getting out and moving more, dealing with clutter that I need to get rid of, and taking back control. I thought it was important to journal about it, get my thoughts out, and refer back to it through the year.

Thank you Kirsten for sharing your layout with us!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ann-Katrin Toresen

Hello Readers!

I am sharing a layout from one of our readers Ann-Katrin Toresen

This is a layout she did about her and her cat, too precious!

The title is “A friend for life”
It’s about me and our cat. We adopted her from the pet care in 2005 and she is our little girl.
When our daughter was born in 2008, our cat got a new best friend.
The cat is really in love with our daughter and is always close to her.

Thanks for sharing your page with us Ann Katrin!
If you have a few minutes to browse, Ann Katrin's gallery is amazing ... visit her blog HERE
I love my kitty as well ;-)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Confessions of a Lush Addict...

Hi Folks!

Here's my latest "Scrap Yourself" layout....this photo was taken at the Lush shop in London, UK. I love their products so much that a visit to the Covent Gardens shop was on our vacation itinerary! (they often have products that may not be available in the Canadian shops hehe)
Their bath products are so smelly and wonderful, I love stashing them all over the house so I get a little Lush "whiff "every now and then :)
Thanks for letting me share!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kimberly Moen

Hello Readers!

I am sharing a layout from one of our readers - Kimberly Moen
This is a layout she did about her own beauty at the age of 30
I think she looks fabulous ;-)

Kim's story-
I made this page just after my 30th birthday. my mood while creating it was excited yet disbelieving. 30 is awesome when you're where you want to be in life.
It's like 20 with more experience and less anxiety...

Thanks for sharing your page with us Kimberly!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dorrie Saya

Hello Readers!

I am sharing a layout from one of our readers - Dorrie Saya
This is a layout she did about her hands.. very original don't you think?

Dorrie's story-
My daughter was born in 2005 and we discovered shortly after that she would have special needs and she was deaf... one day, i was trying to tube feed her, and sign words to her ...and i said outloud.."good god my hands are busy"... shortly after i was tracing her hands to do a little LO and ended up using my hands instead...

Could you tell a story with a photo of your hands?

Interested in sharing your layout with us?
We'll be showcasing a few of your layouts until our DT starts posting in May..
so send us your pages! ( please title your email Showcase..

Thanks Bunches!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Design Team Call

Introducing you to a new site ~ dedicated to YOU!

HI, my name is Kristine Davidson
and I want to start scrapbooking more pages that involve me!
I've scrapbooked nieces, nephews, cats and hubby
and now I think I am ready to create pages that involve {me}
I decided to start a new blog to inspire and encourage you to do the same!Will you join me in this new project?

Scrap Yourself is looking for it's first design team!
4-5 members will be chosen to represent Scrap Yourself
and i've asked Stephanie to join me in this new project.

Please answer the following questions and attach 3 of your favorite layouts
(*about yourself preferably but not mandatory)

* Full Name
* Are you (or have you been) on any other design teams?
* Link your blog, online gallery or both
* Let me know what topics you'd consider scrapping about yourself

* 1 NEW layout every other week posted on our blog
(You are required to create a NEW layout about yourself or things about you)
ex. favorite foods, inside your purse, new hair color etc...
you'll be doing your own blog posts and select your own theme for your page

* Promote Scrap Yourself on message boards and your personal blog

* Commit for at least a 3 month term.

DT Search starts today until April 15th
New Team Members will be announced before April 20th
DT Positions are from May 1st 2010 until July 31 2010.
First Blog Post will be Monday May 3rd

To apply email

Thanks for your interest!