Monday, January 31, 2011

Fishing with my dad

Fishing with my dad is the title on my latest layout for Scrap Yourself.
It's about my father and his love for the sea and fishing.
When I was young.....every weekend we went to our summerhouse here in Sweden. A house nearby the sea. We started our weekend with a boat trip to lay down some fishing nets.

At the 70th-90th the nets was full of fish. We gain up to 200 flounders and about 20 cods. The next day we had to clean the fishing net and of course all the fish.

Today the fishnet is sadly almost empty with fish, only about 20 fish total.

My father continues on fishing, and now and then I follow him....but not as often as I was younger.

Here is my layout:

The little girl stamp is from Pink Cat studio, Dress up Lily stamps.

This is a photo of a salamon, that my father caught.

The title got some Glossy accent, to create some glaze.

Thats all from me today.
Hope you all find some time for some lovely scrap today.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's time for another Design Team Call!!!

Scrap Yourself 
Time for another design team call!
We are looking for 4-5 talented and spunky scrapbooker to join our team!!
And 2 new sketch artists to inspire US!!!!

Please answer the following questions and attach 2 of your favorite layouts. And one brand new one for this call
(*about yourself preferably but not mandatory)

* Full Name
E-mail address
Just a bit of information about YOU!!!
* Are you (or have you been) on any other design teams?
* Link your blog, online gallery or both
* let me know what is your favorite technique/scrapping style


Weekly challenges which will be posted on the blog
(You are required to create a NEW layout about yourself or things about you)
ex. favorite foods, inside your purse, new hair color etc..
you'll be doing your own blog posts and select your own theme for your page
Actively participate on the blog and forum
* Promote Scrap Yourself on message boards and your personal blog

* Commit for at least a 3 month term.

DT Search starts TODAY
until February 11, 2011
New Team Members will be announced before February 13,2011
DT Positions are from February 15th -June 15th 
Please send to:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebrate Your Culture

Hi Everyone!

Here in the land of Oz, we have just celebrated Australia day, which is a public holiday in which we enjoy everything Australian...

Normally we celebrate with family and friends, have a bbq, go down to the beach, eat lots of pavlova and lamingtons and enjoy the fireworks. Could you ask for a more enjoyable day?

This is a pic we took on Wednesday, my kids loved the fake "tattoos" of our flag on their faces, and feet.

Some things that make me very Australian are: I love vegemite! - on my toast, with cheese on crackers,or even by itself...... We love the beach, we often find Kangaroo's and wallabies in the bush when we go on day trips, I live in thongs ( on my feet :) , we eat nothing but bbq's for dinner in summer and my favourite dessert is pavlova!

This is one of our favourite holidays, why not dedicate a page to yours?

Happy Scrapping!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello everyone! Is my turn here again and I have a little question to you today: What is a smile?

The definition of a smile is denotes as a facial expression formed by flexing the muscles near both ends of the mouth. I enjoy smiling and I love smiling in all my photos but I still try to capture all the expression that I have when I cam whore. At the end of the day, I still like the "ME" that are smiling! How about you? Which facial expression do you like most about yourself? Angry face? Sad face? Spastic face? or something else that I have missed out? Do share with me by doing a collage of all your facial expression! :)

With Love,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm a Dreamer

One of the reasons I enjoy scrapbooking is it keeps me from worrying. While I'm creating, I remember the time and place in the photograph and I add papers and embellishments to make it even prettier. This picture was taken on my last afternoon in Boston. The weather was miserable, damp and windy, but I made good use of my time walking around the harbor one more time.


I usually start my pages by planning them around really good photographs. This was not one of them. I added filter after filter in Photoshop until I liked the effect, then printed the picture on watercolor paper. I thought it added to the "dreamy" effect.

One Little Word

Hi everyone, it´s my turn to post and it feels like forever since the last time I shared a layout with all of you.

I´m sure you´ve heard about Ali Edward´s One Little Word challenge. This is my first year doing this and like you see on my page I wasn´t able to choose just ONE word, LOL. At first I was really sure about “Patience”, but then I thought I really needed to “Trust” in G-d to be able to accept all the changes and difficulties going on in my life. And finally, I couldn´t get out of my head the word “Change”; there is so much I need and want to change in my life at this moment. So, I finally gave in and decided I would try to incorporate this three words in my daily life and use them as a tool to get where I want to be in my life.

I would love to know what your OLW is for this year. If you haven’t yet, it would be great to create a layout documenting your word and the reasons why you chose it.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy it.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

June 2010:

In Scotland visiting the Lock. I ran into Nessie the Lock Ness Monster. She was kind enough to pop up to the surface and say Hello. She is known to be elusive..... So this was a rare opportunity.

Happy Saturday to you-!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Close to my heart

Today I have been working with almost exclusively white colors at my layout. My thought was to let the white colors symbolize my dear Grandma, who are very closed to my heart, even through she died for several years ago. I was 14 years old and loved her very much, she was my hero.
Except for some photos, I have one little thing left from her. A tiny little bird, heavy of metal and painted with white colors. It's nothing remarkable about it....but its close to my heart.
So the title of my layout this week is "Close to my heart"

This little bird had my grandma beside her bedroom window, and when I made her a visit I always wanted to hold it in my hand and play with it.
I have written my journal on a tag and hide it behind the photo. You can see a bit of it behind the tulle and flowers.

When I made this layout I only used one pattern paper, a beautiful paper from Theresa Collins "Travel Ledger". The rest of the layout is created with tulle, fabric tape with fabric roses and fabric lace.

I have embossed the texture of the title and distressed it with some ink.

Se you next time!
Have a nice scrapping day.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hi Everyone!
I am loving all the posts the team have done so far this year!
I am going to kiss my 20's goodbye in a few weeks, which got me thinking about all the wonderful things that have come into my life over the last 10 years. I realised that I have been with my husband now for 10 years! That time has just flown by so quickly!
I haven't scrapped any of our wedding pics yet - so I though I would pay tribute to my best friend and partner in life. Why not do the same?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Best Sister-in-law ever!!

I have the coolest sister in law! I love her so much. I don't have any sisters just blessed with 3 brothers so to have a couple of sisters in law makes me very happy. Chelsea and I got to go to New York and we had a blast, just the two of us! She is an amazing girl who is so kind and would do just about anything for you. We mesh so well and I'm very thankful for her.
I made a very thick mini book about our trip and had so much fun making it.
I hope everyone has someone like her in you life, whether its your real sister or mother or a sister in law. Who is yours?

The pink and yellow edging is with crepe paper
and i colored it using Glimmer Mist! Love it!
Happy scrapping, Tia

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My 2010

My turn came!
I made my 2010 LO this time.

2010 year was 1 year when it had gone out to various places.
Strawberry picking, travel, nearby park, and Christmas party...

All are wonderful memories!!!

I want to go out to various places this year
and to take a lot of photographs!

Don't you think? everyone please leave many wonderful memories and the photograph!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Day

With all of the wintery weather we've had in my area lately, I was motivated to create a layout about snow! I used a photo of myself as a little girl playing in the snow in my backyard. 

Thanks for stoping by!
Have a great day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Year 2010

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to Scrapyourself 2011! For my first posting for 2011, I though what better than a LO about the "year that was"!

Last year we welcomed a new little bubba into our house, Isaac started school, my eldest went into double digits ( 10 years old), we aquired a bunch of new pets and my hubby started his own business. It was a busy year full of new things and had it's share of ups and downs, but I have never known a year to go so quick.

And so, This LO is a little different, I have made a mini book of my pic of photos that best showcases what 2010 was for us. This is a great way of using up any pic's that you have laying around, and all your scraps of paper too. I didn't want to take up too much room, so I have just shown you a couple of pages, I made the book out of 6, 14cm squared pages, which I have sewn to bind. Too easy! Why not give this a shot and clear out some space for the pics of what is to come in 2011!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Girlfriends.

Hello everyone out there! Thanks for popping by scrapyourself website!
It's my turn here again and this time round I wanna share a layout that I have done on my girlfriends with you. They are important in my life! They make me laugh, share my happiness, joy and also unhappy things that happened. Therefore I really cherish and appreciate this friendship that we share and certainly I love them all! :) I scrap this layout using american crafts pps. Layer after layer and I hope you all like this! Do join me to scrap about friends that you cherish! :)

With Love,

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Here is a perfect example of why we need to make an effort to scrap ourselves.

At the end of 2009, I gave each family member a survey asking their "favorites" of the year. All my boys replied. I didn't complete my answers and failed to scrap the layout. This year, I set my mind on completing the layout with 2009 and 2010 favorites of my men. Don't you know, I couldn't remember my list from 2009. . . Michelle and I listed our favorites from this past year.

A sampling of the answers for "Favorite Activity" of 2010:
Greg--Nature Photography
Michelle--Hiking, camping
Bob--Getaway overnight trips
Cindy--Taking pictures with Bob

Digital Note Cards (Little Dreamer Designs, Miriam Lima)

All Dolled Up

Happy Sunday!

I hope you had a safe New Year's Eve last weekend and are enjoying 2011!

On New Year's Eve, I had wonderful time attending a gala with my best friend. I am lucky to have a best friend who is also a makeup artist, so we got ready for the evening together, and she did my makeup for me. I love to put on a fancy dress with pretty makeup, hair, nails, and jewelry... I love to get all dolled up!

I enjoyed using the Webster's Pages Hollywood Vogue line for this layout.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This image was of camping with some great friends this last summer in Capital Reef and Torrey, Southern Utah. What a beautiful place. I thought it was appropriate due to the fact that I am missing the SUN.

I found some vintage beads from a disassembled necklace and strung them on craft wire. This was a fun outing going to some second hand shops with some friends. Then I used basic watercolor techniques to create the backgrounds. It is a wonderful way to get the colors you want without having to search. I would like to suggest that you get a inexpensive set of watercolors and play around it is much easier than you think. Hey it is the new year... try something new.

Wishing you all the best to come in the New Year-!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My resolution

Happy new year!!!
I'm sorry...
My contribution has been one day late.
The resolution of my this year is "valuing my surrounding persons"
I want to value those (a master, friend) who support me.
It is much more difficult to act
by regarding a surrounding persons than I.

However, I want to work hard this year that it can be achieved.


Add Glitter to the New Year!!

Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful 2010. I LOVE GLITTER! For our New Year's party I wanted to make these super cute cups called "Girlfriend Glitter Cups". I found the idea on Margie Romney's blog and thought they we so cute but I wanted to make them myself instead of buy them from her (they were just to expensive for me). I will post more about them on my blog in a couple of days, so check it out. I made one for each of the adult girlies that were there. They loved them, and we all drank our Dr. Pepper out of them all night. In this layout I wanted to incorporate some of the elements I used on the cups. I made rosettes with ribbon (you can check out my tutorial on rosettes; in my tutorial I used paper towels but same applies using fabric or ribbon) to match the cups I made and I also got embossing crazy! I used a fishnet patterned stamp from Heidi Swapp's collection and some super pretty embossing colors. It was so fun to make this lo!

I hope you all have a wonderfully joyful and prosperous 2011 full of love and happiness!
~~~~Tia ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Things that make myself HAPPY

Happy new year to you all.
Hope you all have a year full of scrapped ideas and opportunities. One of my scrapping goals for this year 2011 is to continue to fill my album with layouts of my self, -My story.
Do you have any scrapping goals for this year?

Today I show you a layout with the title "Tings that make myself happy".

It was a bit difficult to summarize everything in my life who makes me happy, but first and most off course my family. The joy of having them near me. To wake up next to my dear husband everyday, and hear our daughters padding step. The joy of seeing our joy in our son's eyes, when he tells us about funny things that he has experience. And of course getting to spend my summer holidays with my family in our caravan. Happiness is also to have the luxury to spend my own time in my scrap room. Being with my dearest friends and share my hobby with them.

This was some of the things in my life,that make me happy.

What makes you HAPPY?