Thursday, December 30, 2010

My New Toy

Happy Thursday!

Today I am sharing a layout I created about my new Janome Sew Mini - my new toy and latest scrapping tool! I received it as a birthday gift in November and just figured out how to set it up and use it. What new tool have you added to your collection? What technique have you tried lately? I am excited to incorporate more stitching onto my pages now that I have a perfect little sewing machine, and I even tried it out on this very page. I used the Bella Blvd Lovey Dovey line for this layout.

Have a wonderful day, and happy scrapping!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hello! Is me again at scrapyourself! How are you all doing?
At the age of 24, I harbor lots of hope and dreams that I wish one day it will come true!
Dreams like when will I ever have my own house that is along the sea.
Dreams like when will I ever have a scrapping room all to myself! :D
Many many more dreams! How about yours? What dreams do you have?

With Love

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dear 2011

Hi ladies,

I hope you had a very merry Christmas and that God blesses every single one of you and your families.
I had a great Christmas Eve dinner with my family; I took a bunch of pictures and can´t wait to get them printed and scrapped.

For today’s page, I did a layout about what I expect from 2011. I got the journaling inspiration from; it is a great place to get great images and inspiring sayings, I would really recommend everyone to check it out.
Journaling reads:

Dear 2011,
Please make me smile, laugh and happy this year. Please be good to me, 2010 was a rough one and I can´t wait for it to end. Love , Gloria.

To create this page, I used Studio Calico´s November Napa Valley kit; I loved the sassafras month cards and really wanted to use them. At first I had difficulties deciding how to arrange them to fit all the months on the layout, until I saw a page created by tammyb at the gallery that was the perfect solution for my page.

I´m thinking I could add to the month cards some little journaling on what I´m looking forward to on every month, what do you think? Do you have any special request for this New Year that you would like to document?

Hope you liked it and thanks for stopping by.


Friday, December 24, 2010

T'was the night before Christmas...

Making cookies for Santa at grammies house!! The girls love it! Of course everyone knows you have to take bits out of the cookies and drink some milk. My oldest asked how many cookies do you think Santa could eat, and we said, probably a lot but he usually doesn't eat all the cookies we leave out because he has to eat some of the other cookies of all the other house he stops at so that is a lot of cookies!!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
Happy Scrapping, Tia

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Building our own Traditions


Hope you're all excited about the holidays ahead. Today I'd like to share a layout I just made about building our own traditions. We've been together for eight years, but only lived in our home for almost two - so this is our second Yule here, and we're trying to make it work for us... Combing two families' traditions but also creating our own.

The layout is based on this week's Sunday Sketch from Studio Calico, and using December's kit Metropolitan.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry christmas!!!

As for me, the contribution has slowed.
It is days of several another until Christmas ・・・
Is the preparation advanced?

There was paper of wonderful Christmas,
I made it with BoBUNNY this year.
I like combinations of this color.

Christmas is grandly congratulated also in Japan.
Of course, the party also :.

Everyone Good Christmas!!!


Decade 00: The boys grow up. Honoring our parents.

In 2003, I made layouts for each of the decades we've lived in beginning with the 1950s. (Yes, I'm that old!) I used excerpts from the book "Generations at Work" for the Seminal Events and Cultural Memorabilia to place on the layouts along with our recollections of the time.

And now we're about to close another decade! This decade began with the Y2K panic. On 9-11-2001 the World Trade Center & the Pentagon were jet-bombed by terrorists. The US and Allies overthrew and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. The dot-com stock markets crashed and the "Harry Potter" books were published.

I have so many memories from this decade and pictures to help me remember. The journaling is placed behind the photo of Bob and I. Here are a few highlights: "We began the new century as a family of 4. Every Saturday Bob takes the boys to Pokemon League at the local comic store. Chris still joins me for reading at bedtime (a tradition started with Greg). Bob starts his job at the Dominion Post. Chris decorates his room all Sponge Bob. The boys & I visit Maxine bringing her lots of presents. Greg brings Michelle into our lives. Mom is honored in a Rosie the riveter ceremony and interview. Maxine passes away at age 85. Greg graduates high school with many honors. Dad is honored with many medals from the US Marines for his world War II service. Chris joins a search party when his friend Mikah's autistic brother is lost in the wilderness for days. Greg becomes a gaming journalist. My nephew Cale is born & nephew Brian is married. Chris is elected to state offices in TSA. Michelle graduates WVU with a double major & joins Cummins Diesel. I speak at an International Conference for the Whole Grains Council.

Bob and I work, work, work but so enjoy our time as a couple when we travel and take pictures. I think he appreciates my recording of memories".

December 2010

the 90s: Raising kids who love to learn. Work we enjoy.

In the later 90s, our careers take a creative turn when Bob goes back into the newspaper business, taking a photography job at the Fairmont Times. I move back to the Health Sciences Center, managing the cafeterias in the old hospital. Our lives were full and good.

In 1992, Gregory enters Kindergarten at the Presbyterian Church,one of many good schools in his young life. Bob & begin dating again, taking mini vacations with Greg or overnights where Greg stays at Grandma Junes'. On February 8, 1993, Christopher Jordan Gay arrives into the world, one month before my 40th birthday. Chris' mind absorbs much through great preschools, observing his older brother and having parents who read to him.

Seminal events include: Operation Desert Storm, the Oklahoma City bombing and the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal. Memorabilia include: Barney, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dark Wing Duck, Miami Vice, Pogs & Beanie Babies.

Layout made in 2003.

the 80s: Building a home & starting a family. Bob, Cindy & Greg

We brought in the 80s in Charleston, WV, where Bob was an award winning news photographer and I worked as a consultant in school lunch and long term care. We moved back to Morgantown in 1982. Bob taught visual communications at Waynesburg College and I was the dietitian in WVU Dining Services. In 1984, we built our house on Mountain Meadow Drive. Gregory James Gay was born on February 23, 1987. While our careers were important to us, nothing was more meaningful than being home as a family.

Seminal Events include: 1980--John Lennon shot and killed. 1980--Ronald Reagan inaugurated. 1986--Challenger disaster. 1989--Fall of Berlin wall. Cultural memorabilia include "The Simpsons", ET, and Cabbage Patch dolls.

Layout made in 2003.

the 70s: College & falling in love. Bob & Cindy

Bob and I met in 1973 while students at WVU. Bob was a teaching assistant in J120, the photography class I took as a junior. It was love at first sight. We spent our free time together, with cameras in hand. After graduation and my Dietetic Internship in Richmond, we married in 1976. Our careers took us from Morgantown to Huntington, where Bob worked at the newspaper and I worked at St. Mary's Hospital.

Seminal events include the Watergate scandal and massive layoffs in US corporations. "The Brady Bunch" was a popular TV show and platform shoes were introduced.

If you look closely at the photos in the "negative strip" you'll see Bob's famous Streaker photo. Hundreds of students gathered in front of the Mountainlair student union to witness this epic event and Bob captured it on film.

Layout made in 2003.

the 60s: Learning & having fun. Family & Friends.

In 1962 John Glen circled the earth. President Kennedy was assassinated in 1968 and in 1969 we watched the first man walk on the moon. Hula Hoops were in and "Laugh-in" was on TV.

In school, I made a lot of friends. I was active in Scouts and church youth groups. As a teenager, I was lucky to have a local "Teen Town" where I danced to live bands on Saturdays and DJs on Fridays. I most enjoyed summers. As a family, we went on picnics and to fairs and horse shows. When I was thirteen, we got a pool and my friends would come and swim.

Bob first became interested in photography at age 12. His neighbor, Bill Mucklow, had a darkroom in his house, lent Bob a camera and paid him to develop some of his film. Bob and his friend, Jim Wolfe, took pictures of the Oak Ridge Boys and sold them some of their shots. Bob was an Audiovisual Assistant in high school and took pictures for the newspaper. He even got some jobs shooting weddings.

The newspaper clipping was from the Charleston Daily Mail when Bob was "Cornered by the Camera" by staff photographer Chet Hawes who later became Bob's coworker.

Layout made in 2003.

the 50s: Pretend & play. Home & Mom.

Those of us born in the 1950s remember Ed Sullivan, TV dinners & the polio vaccine. I was to young to remember Rosa Parks and even the Civil Right Act.

Here's some of what I remember from my early childhood:
"We lived in a house near my father's garage. My sister, Terry, was five years older. When she was in school, I sang to records, played on the swing set and played cowboys with the neighbor boy. Going to school at age six was tough for me being separated from my mother for the first time."

Bob remembers:
"I played with toy guns and soldiers, matchbox cars and tanks. I had many neighborhood friends in St. Albans. Steve Woodard was my best friend. In the picture where I'm looking out the window, I was vacationing in Florida and got the mumps. The group shot is my Kindergarten class at St. Andrew's Methodist Church."

Layout made in 2003

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry X'mas!!!

hello everyone! It is exactly 4 days to Christmas! whooo.. are you done with the X'mas shopping ?? I have more or less prepared all my gifts for exchange! This year is pretty an exciting X'mas for me! I am gonna have a X'mas dinner at my friend house and we are doing potluck! Yummmyyy.. All the turkey, log cakes, gingerbread! hehe. How about you?? Share with me in this post by leaving a comment? Ok! Back to the layout that I am gonna share today! This photo is taken with my besties outside a shopping mall with the x'mas tree and I have used last year Christmas scrapping paper to do this up.

Hope you all like what I have shared today! :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hello Ladies!!
OMGoodness it has been along since I posted something!! First,I would like to say a BIG Thank you to this DT!! Are they rockin it or what?? I am so inspired by the amazing talent of this group!!!

Can you believe Christmas is literally Right around the corner? Yes!! I love Christmas time it the Most wonderful time of year! With all the fa la la going on I can hardly contain myself! Just pure joy and Jesus being the true reason for the season!! Celebrating the birth of Jesus makes me happy!! Our family makes a cake and sings Happy Birthday to Jesus!! I tell the kids Jesus was so cool he let's us receive gifts on his Birthday too!!! Today I going to share some of my favorite Christmas lo!! I have not had a chance to create new Holiday layout!! That's on my to-do list like asap!! Please enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

My life portrait 2010

God morning!Here in sweden the snow is falling.The best thing about
these kinds of days is to sit down with a nice cup of coffee and just scrap.Today is my layout about myself and my 2010. I have summarized all the months that have gone this year and written about it in my hidden journaling

This year has been an eventful year. Me and my family have moved to a new house and I also have changed my career.

Have you made your summery of the year 2010?


Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Perfect moment

Hi Everyone! This week is full of celebrations for my family.

Yesterday was my stepdad's 70th birthday and we are celebrating my youngest son's first birthday today.

So I thought it only fitting to do a tribute page in honour of my stepdad. Through my life he has been my main stability, my rock and my rolemodel in life. I am truly blessed that he came into my life when I was just a baby, and I am so glad that he is able to watch my children grow.. and that they get to grow up with him as their grandpa.

This pic was taken in the hospital when Jake was only 2 days old. I have used websters pages paper for this LO and Kaiser and pink paislee rubons.

Why not do a tribute page of someone inspirational in your life?

Happy Holidays.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


"On the cliff top of Harper's Ferry we see 3 states and 2 rivers. It's a good place to stop and take a picture, reflecting on the season and new year we're about to enter."

This is the place John Denver refers to in the song "Almost Heaven, West Virginia". This is the only spot the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah River meet.

Bob hung his camera in a tree to get the self portrait.

"Portals" Inspiration

The inspiration for the layout started with a sign on a store front in Berkley Springs, West Virginia. We were on our way to Harper's Ferry for an overnight stay. "Portals" means "entrance" and I thought this fit with the beautiful scenery in the first picture taken at Harper's Ferry. I saw the quote on a plaque in a gift shop while there too. "Live by the sun, love by the moon" was easy to remember and fitting.


New Holiday Traditions

Good Morning!

Most of us have special holiday traditions that we like to carry out year after year. This year I went to a gingerbread house decorating event, and I loved it! It was something new for me, and I am excited to make it a new holiday tradition. I created two pages revolving around this topic. For the first layout, I used Cosmo Cricket's Mitten Weather line, and for the second, I used the Webster's Pages Sweet Season collection.

Happy Holidays and Happy Scrapping!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Healing time

I pass busily every day.
Although eat a sweet cake, a bath is taken slowly
or there is various healing time ...
The healing first time is time to pass with LOEN of an Abyssinian.

He likes taking a walk in a park.
If a walk is taken together,
many people will speak. "Wow!!! cat is taking a walk !"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Magic

The Scrap Yourself A-Z challenge was amazing, I hope all of you enjoyed it and have been inspired by the DT´s work as much as I have been.

Since Christmas is only a few weeks away, I decided to do a layout about that special night. I really enjoy watching my little cousins’ excitement and innocence, waiting for Santa to bring them their presents; it reminds me of how magical Christmas used to be for me when I was a little girl.

For this page, I used mainly the Studio Calico Orchestra kit (from December 2009) and added a couple products from my other kits and stash.

Hope you like it :)


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Scrap Yourself A-Z, the letter "Z", beyond ZERO

The title of this layout might be a little overdue... But coming up with something on 'Z' is not the easiest thing in the world ;)

I started stretching my lobes in February (I think), moving one mm at a time. I didn't have a size set for when to stop, so I've just kept going. At the moment, I'm BEYOND ZERO (gauge-wise), actually gauge 0 was a while ago, and thought I'd do a layout about that. More specific, I'm at gauge 0000, or 1/2". The husband is not too thrilled, to put it mildly.

If you want to know more about stretching, check out this site.

The layout was made using this week's Sunday Sketch from Studio Calico as well as their kits.

Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The letter "X"....Xela

What would you scrap about if you had the letter "X"? Well the only thing I could think of was my little girl Xela. Yes, her name is spelled with an "X" and it sounds like Shayla. You want the story I'm sure, well here it is. My husband served a mission for our church in El Salvador for 2 years and at the same time his best friend (also his cousin) was serving in Guatemala. The name Xela was a very popular word for cities in Guatemala. I think they would use Xela as part of the cities names, like Xela Ju'. His cousin loved it and said if he was to ever have a little girl he was going to name her Xela. Well he did end up having a little girl but the name was vetoed out by his wife, so we gladly said if we have ANOTHER girl if it would it be okay if we used it. He was done having kids so he said sure. Here is our beautiful Xela! Of course we had to spell it the Mayan way with and "X" which I was totally against in the beginning but I love it now; she might not as she grows up but what awesome initials does she have huh?!!? X.V.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This time my letter is "W" and I selected a word "Wish"

There are three written my wishes in side envelop.

However, old saying in Japan if you tell your wish to someone it would never become true, that's why it must be secret.
How about your country?
Anyhow, it is very import to write down one's wish as letter.
May I ask you what is your wish ?


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Letter V- our Vegie Patch

My daughter has a kitchen - garden program at her school in which they grow produce which they then cook with and they even sell seedlings and produce at a local farmers market. She is my inspiration for growing our own herbs and vegies in our little patch. Each season she teaches me something new, last week she told me to plant tomato seedling half way up their stem so as not to disrupt their small root system - who knew that I would learn so much off my child?

We have just picked the last of our broad beans, and are looking forward to what the summer season will bring.

I chose October Afternoon papers for this Layout, I love the bright colours.

How does your garden grow?

Happy scrapping,


Monday, December 6, 2010

The Letter U

Hello everyone! It's been a long day for me today and I finally gotten some time to type up this post. Today is the time for Letter "U"! So I decided to go ahead and use this word "US" and let me introduce you to this person in the photo. He is someone whom I spend most of the time with, sharing my happiness and sadness And gosh! Is been 7 years since we have been together!

Now, it is your turn to start creating a layout on your the other half.
Hope you all like what I have shared today!
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The letter "T"

Today I would like to introduce you to the letter "T".
My topic for this layout is "Teenage movies". Do you remember your favorite movies from your teenage? The movies, that you just have to se all over again and again. The movies that you never got tiered of. The movies about LOVE, ROMANCE, TEARS and HAPPINESS.
The lines you remember and the scenes you love so much that you must rewind the DVD player.
I was a teenager at the 80s. And I loved "Grease" and "Dirty Dancing"

And so here you are this is my Layout:

I have seen it a hundred times. And when I was 15 years old, I really couldn't believe that Patrick Swayze was in my fathers age. Thet handsome guy! And when I was in my teenage, Oh what I would like to be like Sandy in Grease...

"Guess mine is not, the first heart broken. My eyes are not the first to cry. I'm not the first to know. There's just not getting over you"

And who don't remember Patrick Swayzes line:

"No one puts the Baby in the corner"

That's all from me today.

Se you!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Letter "S"

Sarinda's Studio

This is where I spend most of my time...

Where I Dream, Create, make mistakes, Get Perspective, Teach, Paint, Draw, Cut Glass, Melt Glass, Get Excited, Experiment. But most important play.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scrap Yourself A-Z, the letter "Q", The Question of Me

This is my first post here - better late than never, right?

When we got to pick our letters, I decided to go with letters late in the alphabet. My life has been really hectic as of late, and I needed some time to make my layouts. Didn't work out too well, and yet again I procrastinated. Are you the same?

I've used Studio Calico's November kits to make this layout, and I really fun doing it! I chose this title and theme because I feel I have changed so much over the last few years. All these photos are from the last year and a half, but as you can see, they look very different. But it's not just my appearance that have changed - my thoughts about myself, how I look at life and my hopes have as well.

How have you changed over the last year?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Purpose of my life

I'm so excited for my first post to Scrap Yourself. I was assigned with the letter "P." I thought long and hard about what word I wanted to use for the letter P....prepare, pretty, purpose, propose, possessions, play...there were so many but "purpose" stuck out in my mind. I love my family and I do believe my biggest purpose in life is raising my girls. There are times my husband and I want to pull out our hair and they are not even teenagers yet but we are so grateful for these beautiful girls we've been blessed with. Its a big job to raise our girls with high values to get through these scary times, but it is the most important thing we can do for them.